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Law Student's Guide to the Law Library

This guide will help you navigate the resources and services available through the Law Library.

Study Room Policies

Study Room Policies

University of Minnesota Law Students may reserve Law Library study rooms for individual & group study. All group study rooms are equipped with a table seating 4-6 people. The following restrictions apply:

  • Reservations may be made no more than 3 days in advance
  • Each student’s reservations may total no more than 8 hours per day
  • Students may not make simultaneous reservations under one name
  • Only the reservation owner may pickup the study room key at the start of a reservation
  • Study room keys must be claimed within 20 minutes of the reservation start time, or the reservation may be cancelled
  • Study room keys may only be picked up when the circulation desk is open
  • Study room keys must be returned at the end of each reservation
  • During winter and summer intersessions, no reservations are available on Saturdays and Sundays

The Law Library reserves the right to cancel reservations made by students who attempt to abuse the system.

Study Room Reservations System

Study Room Reservations System

To make a reservation, please use the following link to access the reservations page:

How to Reserve a Study Room

How to Reserve a Study Room

Find Available Rooms

Yellow boxes indicate rooms and times that are free to be reserved.

Gold boxes indicate the reservation you are in the process of making.

Maroon boxes indicate other people's reservations.

Note: there are two room categories, representing different types of rooms available.




Make A Reservation

Reservations are made in half hour-long blocks, represented by columns in the grid. Each room has its own row. To make a reservation, click on the block that corresponds to the start time for the room you wish to reserve.


A box will appear under the room grid displaying your reservation start time. Click the drop down menu and select what time you would like your reservation to end. 


Click the "Continue" button to move to the next page.


Review your reservation times and click the "Continue" button at the bottom of the page. 

On the final page, make sure your name is displayed as the reservation owner. Click "Submit Reservation."

You will be limited to 8 hours total per day, whether in one reservation or several.

You may make reservations up to three days in advance. An error will be given if you try to make a reservation outside the allowed range.

Don't forget to click the "Submit Reservation" button to complete your reservation.

Email Confirmation: An email will be sent to your UMN email account to confirm your reservation.


Cancel A Reservation

To cancel a reservation, find the reservation confirmation email in your inbox. Click on the "To cancel this reservation" link. Find the reservation you would like to cancel and click "Cancel Booking" on the right side of the page.


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