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Spring 2021 Law Students Library Guide

Library Building Policy

Library Building Policies

In order to maintain an environment that promotes effective study and research, we need your cooperation. Please be considerate of those working around you and comply with the policies outlined in the sections below. 

All University of Minnesota campus policies, including those relating to social distancing and face coverings, apply throughout Mondale Hall and in the Law Library. 



The majority of Law Library space is designated by the Law School as Zone 1 quiet study space. Law students may participate in Zoom classes in two reservable areas of the Law Library: the 2nd floor loft area (located above the circulation desk) and the Law Library study rooms. More information about Zone 2 reservable spaces may be found on the Law School’s Zone 2 reservation page.

Loud in-person and/or cell phone conversations are not permitted in the Law Library. Please turn off the ringer on your cell phone prior to entering the Law Library. All audio devices must be used with earphones.

Please avoid talking in the following areas where sound carries most:

  • rooms 144 and 146
  • just inside the wooden doors on the first floor (near the public computer terminals)
  • balcony on the second floor of the library outside the journal offices
  • near the library elevator on the upper floors

If you would like to hold a conversation while in the Law Library, please use the following areas:

  • library lobby
  • circulation/reserves area
  • the central library stairwell from the second floor to the fourth floor

Food and Drink

Food and Drink

You may have food and beverages in the library. Please avoid odorous and crunchy foods, and dispose of your containers and wrappers. Please keep beverages in covered containers. If a spill occurs, please notify the library circulation staff immediately. 

Physical distancing practices must be observed, and masks should be put back on immediately after eating and/or drinking.

Miscellaneous Policies

Miscellaneous Policies

While in the Law Library, you are not allowed to:

  • engage in disruptive behavior
  • use tobacco products or e-cigarettes
  • post signs
  • solicit sales
  • admit unauthorized individuals
  • enter staff offices without permission

Please report disruptive or threatening behavior to the library staff. After hours, report security problems to the security monitor on duty or call 9-1-1.

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