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Spring 2021 Course eBooks

A list of assigned texts for U of M Law courses available online from the Law Library

Spring 2021 Course eBooks

Check out the list below to see if the library has books for your course online, for free!

Whenever possible, the Law Library purchases books that are required or optional for Law School courses in multi-user, electronic format.  All eBooks on the list are free for UMN Law School students to read online and to checkout. Those in PDF format are available for download. 

Word of Caution: eBook texts may not be accessible to you during in-class open book exams.

Books Arranged By Course Number

Law 5707 Intellectual Property Transactions (Leonard)

Law 5836 Trade Secret Law (Smith)

Law 6001 Contracts (Adams)

LAW 6004 Property (Burkhart)

LAW 6009 Criminal Law (Frase)

LAW 6027 Law of the Sea (Krusen)

LAW 6031 Smart Growth (Orfield)

LAW 6195 Race and the Law: Systems, Structures and Solutions (Starr)

LAW 6644 Law & Economics: Private Law

LAW 6665 Professional Responsibility - Government (Painter)

LAW 6707 Intellectual Property Transactions (Leonard)

LAW 6836 Trade Secret Law (Smith)

LAW 6845 Employment & Family-Based Immigration Law (Myers & Peterson)

LAW 6862 Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity, and Human Rights (Freeman)

LAW 6863 Law & Economics: Public Law (Parisi)

LAW 6864 Law of Lobbying (Lebeau)

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