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Foreign Law Research

General Tips

Browse the contents regularly. It's always important to check whether new databases have been added to the major legal database services. Foreign and international materials are slowly being added to Lexis Advance and Westlawnext. Many foreign materials are still available only on 

For any database you use, pay attention to clues about when the database was last updated. (On Lexis Advance, click on the lowercase "i." On WestlawNext, check the green lowercase "i."  ).

Lexis Advance and

There are few foreign law sources on Lexis Advance. You can browse the sources by clicking on Browse > Sources > By jurisdiction . International. If you do not see the foreign sources you are looking for, click on the down arrow next to "Lexis Advance Research".at the top of the screen. This will log you on to contains primary materials for several countries, including the following: Argentina (codes and laws, in Spanish, but only through 1997), Australia (cases), Brunei (cases), Canada (cases, laws, regulations), China (selected laws), England and Wales (cases, laws, regulations), EU (cases, laws, regulations, and other materials, mostly in English), France (Official Journal, in French, 2000-2008), Hong Kong (cases, laws, regulations), Hungary (laws, 1990-2002), India (cases, ending in 2004), Ireland (cases), Malaysia (cases, laws), Mexico (cases in Spanish, ending in 2009; laws in Spanish, not updated after September 2009), New Zealand (cases), Northern Ireland (cases), Russia (selected business laws, older laws), Scotland (cases, laws, regulations), Singapore (cases), South Africa (cases, laws through December 2009), UK (cases, laws, regulations). 

It also contains numerous secondary sources that cover foreign jurisidictions. 


WestlawNext contains primary sources for some foreign jurisdictions. These sources can be found by clicking on "International Materials" on the home page. They include: Australia (cases), Hong Kong (cases, laws), Bermuda and the Cayman Islands (insurance statutes and regulations), Canada (cases, laws, regulations; Quebec statutes in French and English), EU (cases, laws, and other materials, mostly in English), Hong Kong (cases), UK (cases, laws, regulations). Westlaw also has English-language environmental laws and arbitration laws for some countries.

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