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Labor & Employment Law Research

Introduction to major primary and secondary sources for labor and employment law.


Labor law governs relations between employers and employees who are members of labor unions. Employment law affects the relationship between employers and employees, not involving labor unions. Topics of labor and employment law discussed in this guide include labor relations law, labor arbitration, employment discrimination, personal employee rights, and employee benefits. Selected materials related to discovery and legal ethics are also included.

Labor and employment statutes and regulations exist at both the federal and state level. A listing of relevant state statutory provisions can be found at the Legal Information Institute linked below. Statutes and regulations are enforced and interpreted by administrative agencies and the courts. This means that both administrative and judicial primary sources may contain relevant information.

This guide provides a starting point for research in the areas of labor and employment law.  It includes selected sources that cover labor and employment law in general or focus on particular topics within this area of law. To find other sources, consult the bibliographies, research guides, library catalogs, and periodical indexes noted at the end of the guide.

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