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Labor & Employment Law Research

Introduction to major primary and secondary sources for labor and employment law.

Statutory Provisions

Agency Regulations

Many federal regulations can be found in Title 29 of the Code of Federal Regulations (Primary KF70.A34 I53x).

State regulations are compiled in the administrative code for each state.

The current regulations promulgated by Minnesota agencies are found in the Minnesota Rules (Primary KFM5434.5 .M56x).

For more information about researching federal agency regulations, see the Federal Administrative Law Research Guide below.


While many federal and state cases on employment and labor law can be found in general case reporters, it is most efficient to use topical reporters. The University of Minnesota Law Library has several related to labor and employment law:

  • Americans with Disabilities Cases. Looseleaf Services KF3364 .L326x
  • Decisions and Orders of the National Labor Relations Board. Looseleaf Services KF3372.A55 U54
  • Individual Employment Rights Cases. Looseleaf Services KF3364 .L327x
  • Fair Employment Practice Cases. Looseleaf Services KF3464 .A514
  • Labor Arbitration Awards. Looseleaf Services KF3421.5 .L323
  • Labor Arbitration Reports. Looseleaf Services KF3421.A2 L32
  • Labor Cases. Looseleaf Services KF3310.A22 L33
  • Employment Practices Decisions. Looseleaf Services KF3464.A6 C64
  • Labor Relations Reference Manual. Looseleaf Services KF3364 .L33
  • Wage and Hour Cases. Looseleaf Services KF3310.A2 W34

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