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Labor & Employment Law Research

Introduction to major primary and secondary sources for labor and employment law.

Major Journals

Below is a listing of legal periodicals that concentrate on employment and labor. Many of these journals are available electronically on HeinOnline, LexisNexis, and Westlaw. Others are available online through other University database subscriptions. To learn if you have electronic access to a journal, enter its title in the search box at: Remember that many general legal periodicals also cover labor and employment topics. Consult the periodical indexes listed at the end of this page to identify specific articles on topics of interest.

ABA Journal of Labor & Employment Law.  Periodicals Per.L247

Berkeley Journal of Employment and Labor Law.  Periodicals Per .B465  HeinOnline; LexisNexis: LAW REVIEW;BJELL; Westlaw: BERKJELL

Employee Relations Law Journal.  Periodicals Per.E47 LegalTrac; EBSCO

Employee Rights and Employment Policy Journal.  Periodicals Per.E475  LexisNexis: LAW REVIEW;EREPJ; Westlaw: EREPJ

Hofstra Labor & Employment Law Journal.  Periodicals Per.H622 LexisNexis: LAW REVIEW;HLABLJ Westlaw: HOFLELJ

Journal of Alternative Dispute Resolution in Employment.  Periodicals Per .J6833

Journal of Pension Planning and Compliance.  Periodicals Per.J759

National Academy of Arbitrators. Proceedings of the Annual Meeting. Periodicals Per.N253 Available at

Labor Lawyer.  Periodicals Per.L247 ABA Section of Labor and Employment Law at; HeinOnline; LexisNexis: LAW REVIEW;LABLAW; Westlaw: LABLAW

University of Pennsylvania Journal of Labor and Employment Law.  Periodicals Per.U5834 HeinOnline

Periodical Indexes

To find relevant articles in legal periodicals, use:

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