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Frequently-Cited Treaties & Other International Instruments

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About This Guide


As an aid to law review citation-checking, this guide provides a list of treaties frequently cited in law review articles, along with links to these treaties in PDF format, when available electronically.  NOTE: citations provided do not necessarily follow the current edition of Bluebook, so double-check the citation with the current edition of Bluebook and/or your law review editors.    

As part of this guide, you will find Abbreviations and Sources, an explanation of the abbreviations used for publications cited.  For a longer list of treaty citations, see the New York University Journal of International Law and Politics, Guide to Foreign and International Legal Citations (2009) Reference Office K89 .G85 2009.

Database Access Note: access to certain databases linked to in this guide may be restricted to members affiliated with the U of M Law School or the U of M Twin Cities campus. Please see our Databases Directory for further information on access privileges.

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