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Zotero for Legal Scholars

Using Zotero with Word

Zotero has an official plugin for Microsoft Word (as well as LibreOffice), which are included in the installation package. After installing Zotero, the program will detect whether you have Word or LibreOffice installed and offer to install the plugin. Doing so has several benefits. The plugin will add a ribbon to the top of Word allowing you to add citations and bibliographies from your library, and additionally it will track your usage of each citation and automatically replace subsequent citations to a source with id. or supra as appropriate.

There are two primary methods of adding citations to a document from Zotero:

  • The first is to drag the source from Zotero to the location in the document you wish the citation to go.
  • The second is to open the Zotero ribbon, click the “Add/Edit Citation” button, and search for the source you want to cite to.

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