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Careers in Law Guide


As a law student, you are probably reading this research guide for one of two reasons.  First, you might be looking for information to help you decide whether a certain career path matches your interests (or what career paths are available in the first place!).  Alternatively, you might be in the thick of the job hunting process, and would like to find more information about a potential employer so that you can write an effective cover letter or impress an interviewer.

The library has a variety of print and digital resources that can assist students with either of these pursuits, including directories, general guides to careers in various legal fields, tools that provide analysis and background on specific law firms and judges, and other resources. Keep in mind that "people" will often be the best source for current information about employers. For instance, it's never too early to form contacts with an attorney in a firm, corporation or agency you are interested in working for, perhaps through a law school event or other networking opportunity.  

Generally, a great online resource that can help at every stage of the job hunting process is Leopard.

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Your best resource for career hunting is the Career Center in Room N150 of Mondale Hall. The Career Center web site is at

This guide was originally authored by Vicente Garces, and was last updated by Andrew Martineau on 4/1/2019. 

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