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International Trade Law

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About This Guide

This research guide describes how to research international trade law, primarily WTO and NAFTA law.

Introductory Sources

Here is a selected list of sources for international trade law (including FTA, NAFTA and GATT/WTO). To find more materials in the library, conduct some of the suggested MNCAT searches as indicated elsewhere in this guide.


You can also find useful international trade information on the internet. The best overall guide to GATT/WTO research is Jeanne Rehberg's WTO & GATT Research. Another useful guide is the American Society for International Law, ASIL Guide to Electronic Resources for International Law: International Economic Law.  A 2010 Congressional Research Report sketches the legal framework governing trade-related measures from the U.S. perspective: Trade Law: An Introduction to Selected International Agreements and U.S. Laws.


Generally, WTO documents can be found on the WTO website. Older documents, from the GATT era, can be found on the WTO site, or at the GATT Digital Library.


Only selected WTO documents are published in paper sources. If you need paper sources, see Finding and Citing Paper Sources for GATT/WTO documents.

NAFTA documents can be found on the NAFTA Secretariat website.


A good collection of key sources and websites in international economic law is at the EISIL Project of the American Society of International Law.




Database Access Note: access to certain databases linked to in this guide may be restricted to members affiliated with the U of M Law School or the U of M Twin Cities campus. Please see our Databases Directory for further information on access privileges.

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