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Minnesota Law Research Guide

Session Laws

When laws are enacted by the Minnesota Legislature, they initially appear as separate acts called "chapters." Chapters are numbered sequentially as they are enacted during each legislative session. All session laws are eventually published in a permanent bound set of volumes titled, Laws of Minnesota:

Session Laws Online

Databases for Minnesota Session Laws:
HeinOnline, Bloomberg Law, Westlaw and WestlawNext Campus Research.


Statutes, a.k.a. codes, contain the current laws in force. Statutes are arranged topically so that related laws are grouped together. As new session laws are enacted, they are added to the stautes. As part of this "codification" process, the new law will be renumbered to fit into the numbering scheme of the statutes set. The official statutes for Minnesota is titled, Minnesota Statutes.

Minnesota Statutes Online

Databases for Minnesota Statutes (unofficial annotated versions):

Bloomberg Law, Lexis, Westlaw, and Westlaw Campus Research.

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