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Federal Legislative History Research

Congressional Committee Reports

Identifying Current & Former Standing Committees of Congress

A useful resource for identifying standing, House, Joint & Senate committees is the listing, Standing Committees of Congress: 1789 to Present, published in July, 2008 and compiled by Richard J. McKinney. It includes information on predecessor and successor committees, committee names, and creating authorization information for current standing committees.

Electronic Sources

ProQuest Congressional 
Indexing and searchable PDFs of committee reports from 1789 - current
Abstract records from 1970 - current

United States Congressional Serial Set - Digital Edition (Readex) 
Contains full-text Senate and House reports published in the Serial Set from the vol. 1, 15th Cong. (1817) - vol. 13384, 96th Cong. 2nd. Sess. (1980).

Lexis (UM Law only)
Full text of House and Senate Committee Reports.   "A report details the bill's progress in committee, including how the bill was amended, what amendments were adopted or rejected, the estimated cost of programs proposed in the legislation, and minority and majority opinions. Coverage 1989 - current, with selected coverage from 1981-1982 and 1989-1992). Access path:  Content > Statutes & Legislation > Legislative Histories > Committee Reports.

Westlaw (UM Law only)
Contains the full text of all committee reports from 1948.  For committee reports for bills that did not become law, coverage begins with 1990. 
Provides the full-text of congressional committee reports beginning with the 104th Congress (1995).

govinfo (U.S. GPO)
Provides the full-text of congressional committee reports back to the 17th Congress (1891). 

Print & Microform Sources

Congressional Information Service (CIS) Microfiche Set
Contains full-text of committee reports from 1970 - 2012.
Location:  Wilson Library, Government Publications CIS Microfiche, Mfiche Y1.4/ 

United States Code, Congressional and Administrative News (USCCAN)
 selectively publishes congressional committee reports on most public laws beginning with the 77th Congress (1941).
Hardcopy Location: Law Library Primary KF48.W45 (Plaza Level)

GPO Print Copies of Committee Reports

To determine whether a print copy of a committee report is available from a library on campus, e.g. Law Library or Government Publications Library, search the University Libraries catalog.

Congressional Committee Hearings


Electronic Sources

ProQuest Congressional - Congressional Hearings Digital Collection 

Full-text committee hearings from as early as 1824 - present (updated monthly). Includes indexing, abstracts and searchable PDFs.  The Library's subscription also includes unpublished Congressional hearings (House 1833 - 1980)  and (Senate 1824 - 1990). 

HeinOnline - U.S. Congressional Documents Collection 

This collection includes searchable PDFs of congressional hearings from as early as the 56th Congress (1900) to the current Congress.  Scroll down list of HeinOnline subscribed libraries and select U.S. Congressional Documents.

Lexis Advance Congressional Hearings (1824-current) (UM Law only)

 Congressional Hearings includes: Retrospective A (1824-1979), containing approximately 73,000 titles and 12.8 million pages, and includes unpublished hearings; Retrospective B (1980-2003), containing approximately 44,000 titles and 11 million pages, including unpublished hearings; Retrospective Collection (2004-2010), containing about 1,500 titles and 300,000 pages per year; Prospective Collection (2011-present), containing about 1,500 titles and 300,000 pages per year. Initial release: Early 2007, ongoing updates; NOTE: The documents in this source are available in PDF only. Therefore, search terms within each document will not display in CITE or KWIC view.  

 Westlaw (UM Law only

USTESTIMONY coverage begins with January 1993 and includes increased coverage from January 1996 to present and selected coverage from 1993 to 1996.

Committee Transcripts and Documents (CONGTMY) contains selected full text documents from Congressional Testimony.  Coverage begins 11/2004.

U.S. Political Transcripts (USPOLTRANS) contains transcripts of oral testimony from selected congressional committee hearings, as well as transcripts of news conferences, press briefings, and political speeches. Coverage begins with February 1994.

govinfo (U.S. GPO).

Provides the full-text of congressional committee hearings going back to the 79th Congress (1945-1946).

U.S. Senate Web Site

Information on upcoming hearings and locating published hearings. Check the web page of the Senate committee or sub-committee of interest to locate hearing information (schedules, witnesses, transcripts and video archive).

U.S. House of Representatives Committees

Check the web page of the House committee or sub-committee of interest to locate hearing information (schedules, witnesses, transcripts and video/audio).

Print & Microform Sources

CIS U.S. Congressional Committee Hearings (Microfiche)
1833 - 1969 (73rd Cong. - 99th Cong.)
Location: TC Wilson Library, Government Publications, CIS Microfiche, Mfiche Y1.4/  

Print Copies of Committee Hearings
To determine whether a print copy of a committee hearing is available from a library on campus, e.g. Law Library or Government Publications Library, search the University Libraries catalog.

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