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Law Student's Guide to the Law Library

This guide will help you navigate the resources and services available through the Law Library.

Carrel Eligibility/Application

Carrel Eligibility and Application 

Due to the limited number of library carrels available, carrel assignments are not guaranteed.

Moot Court members, legal writing instructors and journal staff are assigned a number of carrels based upon the size of the organization. Exchange students, LL.M. students, and the general student population are assigned carrels by application through a lottery process.

Students with an office or other alternative study place provided by the Law School are not eligible for a library carrel. Students with special needs who do not receive a carrel assignment should contact the Dean of Students Office ( or Katie Baratto, Access Services Librarian, ( for carrel access.

Law students interested in renting a study carrel should fill out a carrel application on the Law School site at:​ 

Please note that carrels will not be assigned until early September. Once you submit your application, please wait to be contacted about the carrel assignment. Thank you for your patience!

Carrel Lottery

Carrel Lottery 

Students who do not receive a carrel through a journal and who do not have an alternative study place provided by the Law School may enter a lottery for a carrel assignment. Students who wish to participate in the lottery have to submit the Study Carrel Application.

You may specify a preferred carrel or carrel location; we cannot, however, guarantee all requests will be met. 

If you are assigned a carrel by lottery, you will be notified by email and must pick up your carrel key by October.

Any carrels left open after the lottery will be assigned on an as-needed basis.

Carrel Location Maps

Carrel Location Maps

There are study carrels located on all four floor of the Law Library. Please view the maps below for detailed information on carrel locations.

Carrel Keys and Fees

Carrel Keys and Fees

Carrel fees cover the cost of carrel maintenance. All students renting a carrel will have their student accounts charged a non-refundable $20.00 carrel fee during the first month of classes. Students must show their current University IDs in order to receive their carrel keys.

Students who do not return carrel keys at the end of the school year will be charged $30.00 for key and lock replacement. Students who misplace their key and need a replacement key during the school year will be charged $10.00. Students who temporarily misplace or forget their keys can get a 24-hour loaner key from the circulation desk for no charge. 

Carrel Use Guidelines

Carrel Use Policy and Guidelines

Use of Unoccupied Carrels

Studying or sitting temporarily at an unoccupied carrel is permitted as long as you do not leave any of your belongings on or around the carrel. If the person to whom the carrel is assigned returns while you are using the carrel, you must leave the space immediately.

Your Personal Items

While each carrel has a small lockable cupboard, the library strongly discourages the storage of valuables in your carrel. Please take your laptop with you when you leave your carrel and do not leave anything behind that could not be easily replaced. The library is not responsible for any items stolen from a library carrel. Students may also use lockers located on the sub-plaza for storage.

Please see the following document for all carrel use guidelines:



If you have any questions related to study carrel rentals, please contact Katie Baratto, Access Services Librarian, at or 612-625-1547 

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