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Law Enforcement and Racial Justice

Selected research resources

Police Oversight, Reform & Defund

Below is a selective list of books focused on oversight and accountability of police officers as well as reform and defunding of police departments. Titles are arranged in reverse chronological order, and then alphabetically by author. All titles are located in the Law Library unless otherwise indicated in call number.

ALI Principles of the Law - Policing

American Law Institute, Principles of the Law, Policing

"The American Law Institute is a private, independent, nonprofit organization that publishes Restatements of the Law, Principles of the Law, and Model Codes to further its mission to clarify, modernize, or otherwise improve the law to promote the better administration of justice."

"Principles are primarily addressed to legislatures, administrative agencies, or private actors. They can, however, be addressed to courts when an area is so new that there is little established law. Principles will often take the form of best practices for either private or public institutions. Some examples of current or recently completed Principles include Election Administration, Policing, and Student Sexual Misconduct."

"ALI’s publications are persuasive authorities, not controlling law. That is, Restatements, Model Codes, and Principles are not, have never been, and do not purport to be controlling law. These publications do not displace controlling statutes and precedents. They serve as useful secondary sources to aid interpretation, advance understanding more generally, or provide a basis for legislation."

Principles of the Law, Policing

"Principles of the Law, Policing aims to tackle some of the hardest questions, where courts, legislatures, and police are most in need of guidance. This project is currently divided into seven parts, each containing various Chapters on police principles. The parts are: Overarching Principles of Policing; Principles of Search And Seizure; Use of Force; Technology; Databases; Principles Of Evidence Gathering; Remedies and Accountability."

Below are the Tentative Drafts of the Principles of the Law, Policing that are completed and available:

CRS Publications

Congressional Research Service (CRS) Publications (listed in reverse chronological order)

Other Publications


Research Institutes and Centers

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