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Labor & Employment Law Research

Introduction to major primary and secondary sources for labor and employment law.

Major Looseleaf Services

Looseleaf services are mini-libraries that conveniently pull together related laws, regulations, cases, and expert commentaries. Looseleaf services are useful because they are constantly updated and also have classification schemes, digests, and indexes that help identify relevant information. Two major looseleaf services cover most areas of labor and employment law:

(1) Labor Relations Reporter, published by the Bureau of National Affairs (BNA) and available online as the BNA Labor & Employment Resource Center and

(2) Labor Law Reporter, published by the Commerce Clearing House (CCH).  The relevant parts of both resources in hard copy are described below.

Labor Relations Reporter (BNA). Looseleaf Services KF3364 .L325

  • Master Index (3 binders)
  • Labor Relations Expediter (2 binders)
  • Vol. 1: Analysis/News & Background Information
  • Vol. 2: Labor Management Relations: Decisions of Boards and Courts (bound volumes: Labor Relations Reference Manual Looseleaf Services KF3364 .L33)
  •  Vol. 3: Labor Arbitration and Dispute Settlements (bound volumes: Labor Arbitration Reports. Looseleaf Services KF3421.A2 L32)
  • Vol. 4-4A:  State Laws
  • Vol. 7: Fair Employment Practices Cases (bound volumes shelved at Looseleaf Services KF3464 .A514)
  • Vol. 8-8B:  Fair Employment Practices Manual
  • Vol. 9: Individual Employment Rights Cases (bound volumes shelved at Looseleaf Services KF3364 .L327x)
  • Vol. 9A:     Individual Employment Rights Manual
  • Vol. 10:      Americans with Disabilities Cases  (bound volumes shelved at Looseleaf Services KF3364 .L326x)

Labor Law Reporter (CCH). Looseleaf Services KF3310.A22 L32 1980

  • Labor Relations (6 vols.) (bound volumes: Labor Cases, shelved as Looseleaf Services KF3310.A22 L33; CCH NLRB Decisions, shelved as Looseleaf Services KF3310.A22 N37)
  • State Law Decisions

Major Titles

A good starting point for finding reprinted texts of primary sources is a looseleaf service, an up-to-date compilation of statutes, regulations, and cases related to particular topics. The following services are excellent resources for labor and employment law research:  

  • Employment Coordinator. Looseleaf Services KF3315 .E472
  • Employment Practices. Looseleaf Services KF3464.A6 C65
  • Labor Law Reporter. Looseleaf Services KF3310.A22 L32 198
  • Labor Relations Reporter. Looseleaf Services KF3364 .L325. This source is also available online in the BloombergLaw Labor & Employment Practice Center

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